[3dem] Asking your opinion

Joerg Wamser joerg.wamser at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 04:20:11 PDT 2014

*Dear 3d-EM members,*

*In the scope of the transfer of KonTEM's phase plate technology to FEI,
KonTEM's former science & management team is evaluating new business
opportunities in the field of EM, eventually leading to the establishment
of a new company.*

*Thus, we want to ask you whether you have any need for design, engineering
and software services of any kind that you want to discuss with us.*

*By taking advantage of our knowledge, manufacturing capabilities and
supplier network, you are able to fully focus your efforts on your core
research or business.*

*Many thanks in advance for your feedback!  **--> please address to
joerg.wamser at gmail.com <joerg.wamser at gmail.com>*

*Joerg Wamser, Patrick Kurth & Steffen Pattai*
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