[3dem] postdoctoral position available in Singapore, Duke-NUS

Sheemei Lok sheemei.lok at duke-nus.edu.sg
Sun Aug 3 20:29:49 PDT 2014

Post-doctoral position in Singapore at the Duke-NUS is available
A post-doctoral position is available at the laboratory of Shee-Mei Lok
(http://www.loksheemeilab.com) in the emerging infectious disease program
of the Duke-NUS. Duke-NUS graduate
 medical school situated in Singapore, is a global partnership between
Duke University and the National University of Singapore. We have the
state of the art facility for both x-ray crystallography and cryoelectron
microscopy (Titan Krios with Falcon II detector,
 Jeol microscope with phase plate, energy filter and direct electron
detector). Projects undertaken by the post-doc will mainly investigate the
structure and function of important proteins contributing to the longevity
and low rates of cancer in bats. He/she
 will also take part in dengue virus research. In addition to
crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy will also be used to determine
the structures. Individuals with experience in electron microscopy and/or
crystallography, protein expression and purification
 are highly desirable.
Interested individuals should send their CV, experience, research
interest, and a list of three referees to Shee-mei Lok
(sheemei.lok at duke-nus.edu.sg)

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