[3dem] Please take our EMDB Release Policy Poll

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Mon Oct 21 06:36:16 PDT 2013

Dear all,


We have created a short online poll to collect your opinions about a
possible change to EMDB data release policy.


Should complete experimental metadata associated with EMDB map entries
continue to be available/searchable prior to map release? 

Currently, all experimental metadata is released to the public immediately
after curation of an entry, even when a hold is requested for the map, which
can be up to 1 year. 

If release of this metadata were withheld, only basic summary information
(entry id, deposition date, author list, map dimensions and fitted models)
would be made publicly available immediately after curation. 


Please send us your feedback about this proposed policy change by going to
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/EMDBReleasePolicyWebLink and filling out our
short poll.  We are grateful for your response by November 4.



Many thanks and best wishes,


Ardan Patwardhan and Cathy Lawson



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