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RJ Perz-Edwards, Ph.D. rj.perz-edwards at duke.edu
Fri Oct 11 08:34:04 PDT 2013

Are you looking for a job in EM, but also interested in learning more? We’re hoping you’ll join our team in the lab of Dr. Michael Reedy, at Duke University, in Durham NC.  We study the in situ mechanism of force generation by myosin motors and the regulation of myosin by tropomyosin-troponin, using the exquisitely well-ordered flight muscles of the giant waterbug, Lethocerus.  We’re striving for a 1-ms, 1-nm resolution “movie” of how muscle works by integrating time-resolved cryo-EM with real-time muscle physiology monitored by live action X-ray diffraction movies.
Job opening is flexible and we will consider any level candidate from bachelor's degree and up, including post-docs or research scientists.  Exact job title and pay level will depend on your experience.  Current funding is guaranteed until 2017-2018.
Ideally, you are well versed in routine biological TEM, including fixation, embedding, thin sectioning, and negative stain.  You should also have experience in, or willingness and ability to learn, 3D cryo-EM and electron tomography, including single particle methods, iterative helical real-space reconstructions and sub-volume averaging.  EM will be most (~75%) of your duties, but you will also assist with muscle physiology and X-ray diffraction experiments as needed.
Please contact Robert Perz-Edwards (hiring manager), and send me your CV, including contract information for 2-3 references.
Robert J Perz-Edwards, PhD
Assistant Research Professor, Reedy Lab
Cell Biology, Duke University
Box 3011 (US Mail)
303 Research Drive, Sands Bldg, Rm 457
Durham, NC 27710
rjpe at cellbio.duke.edu<mailto:rjpe at cellbio.duke.edu>

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