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Wim Hagen wim.hagen at embl.de
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Hi Aaron,

Assuming you mean .emi files generated by TIA on a Tecnai microscope: The Tecnai software always comes with an offline version of TIA for processing, ask your service engineer for the DVD.
TIA has a folder export option to convert a folder of images toTIFF, Raw, Binary, TrueImage, JPG or bitmap, so the easiest way might be to convert to TIFF on the microscope when you are done collecting data.


Wim Hagen
EMBL Heidelberg

On Jan 18, 2013, at 4:11 AM, aaron smith wrote:

> Hello,
>               Does anyone know of software that would be useful for converting a .emi file into a different file extension? Specifically I would like to convert the .emi files into .dm3 files for digital micrograph. The normal software I use does not support  .emi files. Thanks for the advice.
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