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Philip Köck Philip.Koeck at ki.se
Fri Dec 20 06:26:08 PST 2013

Yes, maybe. I was thinking in that direction.

I get the impression that the software for 2D crystallography (mrc, 2dx, crisp etc.)
doesn't seem to allow for such a case. Is that true?


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HI Philip,

could you have a screw axis, which in projection looks like it's 3-fold?


Hej Philip,

En tunn p31-kristall?

Merry Xmas,

Martin Lindahl

On Dec 20, 2013, at 8:44 AM, Philip Köck <Philip.Koeck at ki.se> wrote:

> Hi everybody.
> Is it possible that a very thin (membrane) protein crystal, consisting 
> of maybe two or three layers of proteins in there respective lipid 
> membranes, could exhibit for example a p3 symmetry in zero degree projection when the crystal as a 3-dimensional object doesn't have this symmetry?
> In other words only the central slice of the Fourier transform parallel to the crystal plane would have 3-fold symmetry, but not a non-central slice.
> Thanks and Merry Christmas,
> Philip
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