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Olivier Lambert o.lambert at cbmn.u-bordeaux.fr
Sun Apr 28 23:43:39 PDT 2013

Dear all


There is still opportunity to apply....



A postdoctoral position is immediately available for two years ( + one
possible additional year) in the group of Dr. Olivier Lambert (UMR5248 CBMN
University of Bordeaux France) for structural analysis of bacterial efflux


The project is related to biochemical/biophysical experiments and structural
analysis by cryo-electron microscopy of MexAB-OprM membrane complex
reconstituted into lipid membrane. We use advanced membrane reconstitution
method, cryo-electron microscopy and image processing to obtain 3D
structures of this complex. 

The research program is funded by a grant from the French research agency
(ANR) (collaboration with I. Broutin, Paris) .

The lab houses 2 FEI cryoTEMs (CM120 and Tecnai F20 FEG) equipped with CCD
cameras allowing efficient data collection, a Leica EMGP cryoplunger, and
computers for 3D reconstruction. Available facilities include optical and
fluorescent microscopes. 


Applicants should have a PhD in Structural Molecular Biology, Biophysics or
a related area.

Experience in electron microscopy and a background in structural biology are


Applications, including a detailed CV and motivation letter and two
references for recommendation should be sent by e-mail to Dr. Olivier
Lambert o.lambert at cbmn.u-bordeaux.fr


All the best



Dr Olivier LAMBERT

Architecture of membrane proteins and cell process

CBMN UMR CNRS 5248 - Université Bordeaux 1-IPB

Batiment B14 - Allée Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire
33600 PESSAC, France

Tel: +33 (0)5 40006829; Fax: +33 (0)5 40006807

e-mail: o.lambert at cbmn.u-bordeaux.fr <mailto:o.lambert at iecb.u-bordeaux.fr> 



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