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Joachim Frank jf2192 at columbia.edu
Fri Oct 26 08:33:01 PDT 2012

I have become aware of the fact that some inferior copies of my book are 
still being shipped out.  This is a problem that I brought to the 
attention of Oxford U Press several years ago, and it was supposed to 
have been addressed at the time for good.

As the original edition has run out some time ago, the book is printed 
on demand.  Apparently a very inferior digital copy is used in some 
productions by third parties.

Oxford U Press tells me that anybody who receives such a copy should 
contact them, and will receive a high-quality replacement.

Telltale of the bad copy is the asymmetric placement and poor quality of 
the cover.  Inside, some line drawings are faded out, the printed text 
has hazy quality, some gray scale images are almost unrecognizable.

I call this bizarre state of affairs Gutenberg's Worst Nightmare.

Johannes Gutenberg


Joachim Frank, Ph.D.
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Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics,
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