[3dem] Four postdoctoral positions in Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Gang (Gary) Ren gren at lbl.gov
Sun Oct 14 22:54:39 PDT 2012

Four postdoctoral positions support by NIH funds are available in the Ren
laboratory in the Molecular Foundry (TMF), Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory (LBNL). The projects will be studying the mechanism and dynamics
of proteins that related to human cholesterol metabolism. The approach will
be mainly focused on using our in-house developed individual-particle
electron tomography (IPET, Zhang, et. al., 2012, 7(1):30249 ) and
cryo-positive-staining (cryoPS, Nature Chemical Biology, 2012, 8(4):
342-349).  Research involved in sample preparation, TEM operation, and image
process, computer programing and molecular dynamic simulation. 


The lab is located in the imaging facility of TMF. TMF is a Department of
Energy-funded program providing support to researchers from around the world
whose work can benefit from or contribute to nanoscience. The imaging
facility in TMF is fully equipped with various imaging instruments, such as
electron microscopes (Zeiss LIBRA 120 Plus Cryo-TEM and JEOL 2100F 200 kV
FEG TEM), atomic force microscopes, Ramon spectrum and near-field light
microscopes. Additional TEMs available to us are housed at the National
Center for Electron Microscopy (NCEM) adjacent to TMF building.


Applicants should hold a PhD within three years or will shortly obtain a
PhD. The applicants' major in physics, materials science; structural biology
and biochemistry are helpful but not essential.  Experience in cryo-EM,
crystallography, biochemistry or computer science will be plus. Applicants
should strong in logic, mathematics and computer knowledge with skillful and
deft hands. Internal motivation and enthusiasm in life science is essential
for willing to our new techniques


This post may be ideal for someone who has gained a PhD in physics related
science but wants to transfer to the field of life science.  


Interested candidates should send their CV and list of three references to
Gang (Gary) Ren at gren at lbl.gov.


LBNL is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.


Gang Ren, PhD

Staff Scientist

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Molecular Foundry, Room: 2220

1 Cyclotron Road, MS 67R2206

Berkeley CA 94720-8197

Phone: (510) 495-2375; Fax: (510) 486-7268

Email:  <mailto:gren at lbl.gov> gren at lbl.gov; 

Web:  <http://foundry.lbl.gov/rengroup/index.html>


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