[3dem] SIMPLE (Single-particle IMage processing Linux Engine) released

Hans Olof Elmlund hael at stanford.edu
Sun May 27 22:11:02 PDT 2012

To those of you who missed our previous release note,

Our efforts in developing an ab initio single-particle 3D reconstruction algorithm for cryo-EM that does not rely on contrast enhancement by negative staining, assumptions about particle symmetry, or knowledge about the character of the heterogeneity have culminated. We are proud to announce the release of the open source program package SIMPLE (Single-particle IMage Processing Linux Engine). SIMPLE enables semi-automated reconstruction of all structural states in the single-particle ensemble. SIMPLE is easy to use, yet provides a low-level image-processing engine with all the generated data, Euler angles, state assignments etc. readily accessible in text files. Documentation and executable binaries for Linux and Mac OSX are available at http://simple.stanford.edu. It is our hope that SIMPLE will become just as an invaluable a tool for you as it has become for us.

With best wishes,

Dominika Elmlund & Hans Elmlund
Stanford University

Hans Elmlund
Postdoctoral Fellow
Roger Kornberg Laboratory
Dept. of Structural Biology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Fairchild Bldg - 1st floor, D117
299 Campus Dr.,
Stanford CA, 94305-5126
phone: 650 284 63 19
e-mail: hael at stanford.edu

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