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David Stokes stokes at nyu.edu
Fri May 4 09:58:16 PDT 2012

*Research Scientist Position in the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility at 
the New York Structural Biology Center*

The New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC) seeks an experienced 
electron microscopist to join the staff of its Cryo-Electron Microscope 
Facility (http://cryoem.nysbc.org). The NYSBC is a shared center that 
supports state-of-the-art research in cryo-EM, NMR, and X-ray. Cryo-EM 
facilities include four transmission electron microscopes and a 
dual-beam scanning electron microscope, which support projects involving 
electron tomography, single particle analysis and electron 
crystallography of both stained and frozen-hydrated samples. Projects 
focus on 3D reconstruction of biological assemblies ranging from the 
atomic structure of membrane proteins, to the subunit organization in 
macromolecular complexes and the cellular anatomy of developing 
organisms.Implementation of new technologies is an ongoing interest at 
NYSBC and, with the dual-beam microscope, NYSBC plans to expand the 
scale of 3D reconstructions to encompass the characterization of entire 
cells and their distributions within their native tissue. To assist in 
these developments, NYSBC seeks a individual with postdoctoral 
experience in biological electron microscopy and image 
reconstruction.This individual will carry out experiments in support of 
collaborative projects with affiliated investigators and will also have 
opportunities to pursue independent research projects. The individual 
should be capable of multitasking, should enjoy working with other 
people, should have a good working knowledge of electron microscopes and 
a strong research background. Good communication skills are essential.

*Postdoctoral Position for a Membrane Protein Electron Microscopist *

A postdoctoral position for a highly motivatedelectron microscopist is 
available immediately in the laboratory of David Stokes at the New York 
Structural Biology Center(http://cryoem.nysbc.org) in New York City. The 
successful applicant will work for the Transcontinental Electron 
Microscopy Initiative for Membrane Protein Structure (TEMIMPS; 
http://temimps.nysbc.org). TEMIMPS is funded by the NIH Protein 
Structure Initiative for development and implementation of 
high-throughput and high-resolution approaches to structure 
determination of membrane proteins using electron cryo-microscopy and 2D 
membrane crystals. TEMIMPS is composed of six research groups with 
combined expertise in membrane protein production, membrane 
crystallization, electron microscopy, image processing, and structure 
determination. Groups at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York 
University and NYSBC work closely together. The group at Mt. Sinai 
focuses on production of purified membrane protein targets, whereas the 
group at NYSBC uses a high-throughput pipeline to screen crystallization 
conditions. The open position at NYSBC will involve crystallization of 
membrane proteins 3D reconstruction using methods of electron 
crystallography. The NYSBC is well equipped for all aspects of this 
project and hosts superlative facilities for electron cryo-microscopy. 
Candidates must hold a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, 
Biophysics, Structural Biology or a related field. Strong research 
experience in membrane protein biochemistry is highly desirable. In 
addition, the candidate must have strong interpersonal, organizational 
and communication skills in order to facilitate intimate collaboration 
with other research groups.

Qualified applicants should send a curriculum vitae and names of three 
references to David Stokes (stokes at nysbc.org). Salary will be 
commensurate with experience. Both positions are currently open and 
applications will be reviewed continuously until the positions are filled.

David L. Stokes
Skirball Institute, NYU Medical Center
tel: 212-263-1580
New York Structural Biology Center
tel: 212-939-0660 x9116
fax: 212-263-2150

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