[3dem] FEI T20 question

Chen Xu xuchen at brandeis.edu
Thu Apr 5 12:25:38 PDT 2012

Dear Kat,

I don't know if the Tecnai version matters here, but on our Tecnai
4.0.x, there is a check box next to "Stop TMP1 after cryo cycle" in
TEMspy->Vacuum II, on the right side of vacuum diagram. It should be

The check box on Vacuum means that if you have turbo running opening
column valves will make turbo pump stop automatically. 

-Chen Xu
Brandeis University

* toropova <toropova at fas.harvard.edu> [120405 10:57]:
>Dear all,
>A question for FEI T20 users. Does anyone know where in temspy I can
>set the turbo pump to automatically shut off after cryo cycling? Our
>engineer mentioned that a check box can be found in VacuumII of
>Dialogues but I can't seem to find it there.
>Katerina Toropova Postdoctoral Researcher (Leschziner lab) Dept. of
>Molecular and Cellular Biology Harvard University 305 NWB, 52 Oxford
>St.  Cambridge, MA 02138

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