[3dem] NECEN: a unique new (inter)national cryo-EM centre in the Netherlands

Marin van Heel m.vanheel at imperial.ac.uk
Sun Nov 13 14:03:31 PST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to the recent opening of NECEN 
(www.necen.nl), a centre for advanced cryo-EM that will become available 
to the international community in the New Year!

The new facility, housing two cutting-edge KRIOS microscopes, will 
undoubtedly attract great scientific projects and I expect the place 
will soon be buzzing of activity... One KRIOS instrument will be focused 
on data collection for electron tomography whereas the other - equipped 
with a Cs corrector - will be fine-tuned for high-resolution 
single-particle cryo-EM data harvesting.

Advanced cryo-EM instrumentation has made an amazing progress over the 
last decade but that advance came with a significant price tag. 
Realistically speaking it now costs over a million US$/year to operate a 
single KRIOS machine (including depreciation and personnel costs) which 
is simply beyond the budget of a normal research groupor even a 
university. The Dutch scientific community, in a remarkable act of 
solidarity, has managed to get this facility on the road (and not just 
on a road map) in a just few years time! The centre will open for 
business early in 2012. For the first year of its operation about 50% of 
the available beam time has already been allocated.

NECEN will be a great place to be, and I thus gratefully accepted the 
offer to move the main part of my research operation to Leiden 
University (see trailer) in the immediate vicinity of the new centre.

All the best,

Marin van Heel


     Marin van Heel

     Professor of Cryo-EM Data Processing

     Cell Observatory
     NeCEN Building Room 05.27
     Einsteinweg 55
     2333 CC Leiden
     Leiden University
     The Netherlands

     Tel. NL:  + 31 (0) 71 5271424
     Skype:     Marin.van.Heel


     Professor of Structural Biology

     Division of Molecular Biosciences
     Faculty of Natural Sciences
     Imperial College London
     Biochemistry Building (Room 512)
     South Kensington Campus
     London SW7 2AZ,  UK

     Tel. UK:   + 44 (0) 20 75945316

     email:  marin.vanheel(A_T)gmail.com
     email:  m.vanheel(A_T)ic.ac.uk
     and:    mvh.office(A_T)gmail.com

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