[3dem] postdoc positions

John Briggs briggs at embl.de
Thu Mar 10 00:23:45 PST 2011

Application deadline is 20th March for three postdoc positions applying 
cryo-electron microscopy at the EMBL. The positions are part of the EMBL 
interdisciplinary postdoc programme and the accepted candidates will 
work on collaborations between multiple groups.

Cryo-EM visualization of membrane autophagy complexes (coordinated by 
Carsten Sachse, together with C. Schultz)

Computer modelling of membrane budding using 3D electron microscopy data 
(coordinated by John Briggs, together with L. Hufnagel, F. Nedelec and 
M. Kaksonen)

Correlative microscopy of infuenza RNP transport and packaging in 
infected cells (coordinated by Stephen Cusack, together with J. Briggs 
and J. Ellenberg)

Positions are initially funded for 3 years.
EMBL is an exciting, international, dynamic place to work, and is 
equipped with a state of the art electron microscopy facility including 
Titan Krios, Polara and F30 microscopes.
Further details and online application are available here: 


briggs at embl.de
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Dr. John Briggs
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
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