[3dem] Carvon Evaporator for coating carbon films

Cedric Bouchet-Marquis cedric.bouchet-marquis at Colorado.EDU
Mon Mar 7 10:54:05 PST 2011

You might want to look at EMS ones.




They have different models that could fit your needs. 

We have a 450 in the lab and are really happy with it so far. One of the
nice thing here is that it is really small so space is not an issue. It can
almost be considered as a portable device. It doesn't need any nitrogen to
improve vacuum (it has an integrated turbo pump) and the cycle time is
around 5 min.






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Dear all,

We are planing to buy a Carvon Evaporator for coating carbon films on the
TEM grids. Is any one have any suggestion for a good Coater.


Shashi Bhushan

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