[3dem] Leak on Gatan 4k CCD camera

patrick bron patrick.bron at cbs.cnrs.fr
Thu Jun 23 03:14:35 PDT 2011

Dear EM community

I would like to expose a problem on our Gatan 4k slow-scan CCD camera and see wether others EM groups have already observed this trouble and maybe solved it

We have a Gatan 4k CCD camera on our JEOL 2200FS. As soon as micrographs are replaced, a leak is observed on our camera. Usually, the camera temperature is increasing from -25°C to -10 to -15°C.
Clearly, the door of the camera do not seal perfectly when the camera is retracted. A gap of half centimeter can be observed ! Gatan changed the box of the camera without success. 
Gatan France told me (after having reported the problem to Gatan USA) that it is a known problem on this type of camera that will not affect the CCD sensor !
So I would like to know as suggested by Gatan if other EM users have or have already observed this problem ?

Sincerely yours

Patrick Bron, PhD, group leader
Centre de Biochimie Structurale
Multi-Scale Structural Biology Group
29 rue de Navacelles
34090 Montpellier, France

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