[3dem] Post-doctoral position at the University of Texas Medical Branch

Choi, Kyung kychoi at UTMB.EDU
Sat Feb 19 15:06:33 PST 2011

A post-doctoral position is available in Dr. Kay Choi’s laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch for a structural biologist to study the structure and mechanism of viral macromolecular complexes.  We use a combination of X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, protein chemistry, and bioinformatics to determine the structure of viral replication machinery and to develop antiviral therapeutics.  Experience in either X-ray crystallography or cryo-electron microscopy is required.

The X-ray crystallography resources include two X-ray area detector systems, a Phoenix crystallization robot, a Minstrel crystal imaging robot, and an Alchemist liquid handling robot.  The cryoEM facility includes two JOEL 200 keV cryoEM microscopes for high-resolution imaging work, an FEI vitrobot, and a BSL-3 room for viral and pathogen work.

Interested parties should send a CV and a list of 2-3 references to Dr. Kay Choi via e-mail at kychoi at utmb.edu.

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