[3dem] Post-doc in EM of muscle structure in Leeds, UK

John Trinick j.trinick at leeds.ac.uk
Fri Apr 1 08:10:36 PDT 2011

A postdoctoral position is available in the Astbury Centre for 
Structural Molecular Biology at Leeds University, UK. The person will 
study the muscle Z-disc using tomography and single particle methods 
and is part of a European Union Z-disc consortium with eight other 
groups across Europe (see http://www.fp7-muzic.eu/index.php?id=193). 
The post is for an EU Established Researcher and is available for two 
years in the first instance. Previous experience in electron 
microscopy and image processing will be an advantage.

The salary is generous, ~50k Euros ($70k) plus other benefits. 
However, please note that EU rules regarding experience for 
Established Researches are quite restrictive. On appointment EU have 
to have a minimum of 4 years research experience but less than 5 
years experience (from first degree).
EM facilities in Leeds include two Tecnai cryo-microscopes: a 200kV 
F20 with energy filter and a 120kV T12, plus three other TEMs 

The Faculty of Biological Sciences at Leeds is a large and diverse 
research environment with 160 academic staff. The Astbury Centre is a 
multi-disciplinary grouping that includes physical and life sciences 
and most biophysical methods. The countryside around Leeds is 

Recent publications from my group are at 

Send a CV and names of referees to j.trinick at leeds.ac.uk

John Trinick

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