[3dem] Carbon evaporation systems for TEM

Joaquin Ortega ortegaj at mcmaster.ca
Wed Oct 6 18:15:07 PDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking into buying a compact bench-top carbon evaporation system to prepare continuos and holey carbon grids for cryo-TEM. 

I was wondering which systems people are using out there and whether they produce good quality and resistant carbon films.

Two systems that I found browsing in the web are:

1. 208C High Vacuum Turbo Carbon Coater from Cressington (http://www.tedpella.com/cressing_html/cres208C.html)

2. K975X Turbo-Pumped Thermal Evaporator (http://www.quorumtech.com/products/bench-top-vacuum-evaporators/k975x-bench-top-vacuum-evaporator-digital-control.html)

Any experiences (good or bad) with these two particular systems. 

Thank you for your input. 



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