[3dem] Workshop on Electron Crystallography of Membrane Proteins: August 1-7, 2010, in Basel, Switzerland

Henning Stahlberg henning.stahlberg at unibas.ch
Sat May 22 06:43:49 PDT 2010


We would like to invite you to the third Workshop on Electron Crystallography of Membrane Proteins, which will take place August 1-7, 2010, in C-CINA, University Basel, Switzerland.

The workshop on membrane protein 2D crystallization and electron crystallography is aimed at everybody (PhD students, PostDocs, group leaders, etc.), who is interested in the structure determination of membrane proteins (or other 2D protein crystal arrays) by electron crystallography.

This workshop is limited to 30 participants, and has two major aims:
- Advancing the technology: To bring together many of the leading groups in electron crystallography to forge innovative collaborations for new technology development.
- Training: To provide a unique forum to train skilled biochemists and electron microscopists (PhD, Post docs and beyond), in membrane protein 2D crystallization, electron crystallographic data collection and data processing.
-- Membrane protein solubilisation and 2D crystallization
-- Sample preparation for electron microscopy
-- Cryo-EM data collection (imaging and electron diffraction)
-- Data processing with the MRC, IPLT and 2dx software packages
-- Data evaluation and model building 

Workshop format
The workshop will feature lectures in the morning, practicals in the afternoon,  and science talks in the evening. Membrane protein crystallization trials will introduce lipid monolayer crystallization methods, or 2D crystallization with dialysis devices, or with a cyclodextrin robot. We will demonstrate automated 2D crystal screening, and present cryo-EM imaging and electron diffraction on the CM200FEG and Titan Krios. We will lecture image processing using MRC, IPLT and 2DX software systems. Computer practicals will  use machines in a local computer room. However, students are also invited to bring their own laptop computer (Linux or OSX), where we can try to install the image processing software packages and run the processing on your own computers during the workshop.

- Anchi Cheng, Scripps, La Jolla (confirmed)
- Andreas Engel, C-CINA, Basel (confirmed)
- Andreas Schenk, Harvard Med. School, Boston (confirmed)
- Ansgar Philippsen, Shaw, NY (invited)
- Bryant Gipson, C-CINA, Basel (confirmed)
- Carsten Sachse, EMBL, Heidelberg (confirmed)
- Catherine Venien-Bryan, Univ. Oxford, UK (confirmed)
- Clemens Schulze-Briese, PSI, Villigen (confirmed)
- Daniel Levy, Inst. Curie, Paris (confirmed)
- Gebhard Schertler, Biology, PSI, Villigen (confirmed)
- Hans Hebert, Karolinska, Stockholm (confirmed)
- Henning Stahlberg, C-CINA, Basel (confirmed)
- Iban Ubarretxena-Belandia, CUNY, NY (confirmed)
- Janet Vonck, MPI, Frankfurt, Germany (invited)
- Juergen Plitzko, MPI, Martinsried, Germany (invited)
- Marcel Arheit, C-CINA, Basel (confirmed)
- Michael Landsberg, Univ. Queensland, Brisbane (confirmed)
- Nicolas Coudray, Univ. Mulouhse, France (confirmed)
- Nobuhiko Gyobu, AIST, Tokyo (confirmed)
- Per Bullough, Univ. Sheffield, UK (confirmed)
- Rafael Abela, SwissFEL, PSI, Villigen (confirmed)
- Rasmus Schroeder, Uni Frankfurt, Germany (invited)
- Richard Henderson, MRC, Cambridge, UK (confirmed)
- Richard Hite, Harvard Med. School, Boston (confirmed)
- Tom Walz, Harvard Med. School, Boston (confirmed)
- Torsten Schwede, Biozentrum, Basel (confirmed)
- Werner Kühlbrandt, MPI Frankfurt (confirmed)
- Xiangyan Zeng, FVSU, Gorgia, USA (confirmed)

Workshop Lectures: August 2-6, 2010 (Monday-Friday) Arrival: Sunday, August 1, 2010. Departure: Saturday, August 7, 2010

The program is available at 

Workshop Organizer
Karen Bergmann, University of Basel, Switzerland. Phone: +41 61 387 32 31. Email: Karen.Bergmann at unibas.ch

Scientific Organizers
Thomas Walz, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.
Andreas Engel, University of Basel, Switzerland.
Henning Stahlberg, University of Basel, Switzerland.

C-CINA (Centre for Cellular Imaging and Nano Analytics)
Biozentrum, University Basel
Mattenstrasse 26
CH-4058 Basel
A description how to find the laboratory can be found at

The workshop is currently limited to 30 participants. The fee for academic participants is CHF 300.-, which covers registration, breakfast and lunch during the workshop. Travel and Lodging are not included in the registration fee.
Registration is open now until June 15, 2010, and is available online at

Festivals Before Workshop
If you like to spend some days in Switzerland before the workshop starts, you could
- enjoy the wonderful nature of Switzerland or the historic city of Basel,
- look at the BlueBalls festival in Luzern, one hour by train from Basel, see http://www.blueballs.ch/
- or look at the Stimmen festival in Loerrach, Germany, just accross the border a few minutes by public transport from Basel, see http://www.stimmen.com/
- July 31, the night before the workshop, is the Swiss National Festival with a big firework at 22:40, see http://www.basel.ch/programm_bundesfeier_2009.pdf
That should get you over the jetlag....

We hope to see you here in August,

Tom, Andreas, Karen, and Henning.


Henning Stahlberg
Center for Cellular Imaging and Nano Analytics (C-CINA)
at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) 
Structural Biology and Biophysics, Biozentrum, 
WRO-1058, Mattenstrasse 26
University Basel, CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41-61-387 32 62 (office)
Tel: +41-61-387 32 31 (Karen Bergmann, administrative assistant)
Fax: +41-61-387 39 86
mailto:Henning.Stahlberg at unibas.ch

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