[3dem] Read MRC, Imagic and DM3 files from Matlab

michael michael at ImageScience.de
Tue Mar 23 06:19:28 PDT 2010

Dear Fred,

Thank you for your 3DEM email and the Matlab information.

In the context of the new IMAGIC-4D version we have slightly changed the 
IMAGIC header. As you know, many header values are optional but the 
following header indices are always needed:

IDAT (2) - integer   - in first header: number of images minus 1
IDAT(13) - integer   - number of lines in image(s)
IDAT(14) - integer   - number of rows in image(s)
IDAT(15) - character - IMAGIC type (REAL, INTG, PACK, COMP...)
IDAT(61) - integer   - number of sections in 3D volume (1D/2D images: 1) 
IDAT(62) - integer   - number of objects (1D images, 2D images or 3D 
volumes) <<< NEEDED - NEW
IDAT(69) - integer   - machine stamp (33686018 for Linux, MS Windows, 
Mac OS X)

A detailed description of IMAGIC formats can be found here: 

Best regards



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