[3dem] A post-doctoral position in the Penczek lab at The University of Texas Houston

pawel pawel.a.penczek at uth.tmc.edu
Tue Jan 5 12:02:30 PST 2010

The Penczek lab at The University of Texas Houston (http://www.uth.tmc.edu/bmb/faculty/pawel-penczek.html 
) has a position open for a postdoctoral research associate.  The  
research will involve development of novel methodology for single  
particle reconstruction, particularly in the presence of  
conformational heterogeneity.  The software will be ported within the  
SPARX software suite (http://sparx-em.org/sparxwiki/) using Python and  
C++, MPI parallelization and Graphical Processing Units accelerations.

The Structural Biology Center at The University of Texas Houston is  
equipped with a Tecnai Polara G2 300kV microscope with a 4k CCD camera  
and with a JEOL 1200 120kV microscope with a 1k CCD camera.   We also  
have extensive X-ray crystallographic and NMR facilities.  Penczek lab  
has a medium-scal Linux cluster with GPU capabilities.

Applications including CV and statement of interest should be sent to  
Dr. Pawel A. Penczek (pawel.a.penczek at uth.tmc.edu).

Pawel A. Penczek, Ph.D.
Director Structural Biology Imaging Center
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The University of Texas - Houston Medical School
MSB 6.220
6431 Fannin
Houston, TX 77030

phone: 713-500-5416
fax: 713-500-6297
pawel.a.penczek at uth.tmc.edu

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