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Fco Javier Chichón fjchichon at cnb.csic.es
Mon Aug 30 00:42:14 PDT 2010

Dear Neil.

One year ago we installed a new 4x4 Eagle camera for a Tecnai T20.

During this year we have experienced several random problems in the 
acquired images:

1.- Black horizontal stripe in a honeycomb background. It was due to 
instabilities with the power supply and it is solved now.
2.- Hang-up of the CCD software controller during tomographic 
acquisition. It was due to the software and is was solved with the 
installation of the newer versions.
3.- Black quadrant. Randomly and always the same quadrant turn black 
while the three others capture the normal image. The problem remains 
until you change the binning settings. The people of FEI are working on 
that for the moment.

In terms of design...Is not possible to burn this camera to eliminate 
small things that could fall on the detector and is not retractable too. 
That's is good for the quality of the images but could attract a lot of 
dust when you vent the projector  chamber to recover and introduce plates.

The camera works properly but we expected to have less troubles, even 
more because we know that this camera works perfectly in other Tecnai T20.

Neil Ranson escribió:
> Dear All,
> We are currently looking to buy a multiport 4k CCD camera, and I was 
> wondering what people's opinions on FEI's Eagle camera are?
> Any thoughts most welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Neil Ranson
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