[3dem] uneven staining on grids- thanks& problem solved.

Berith Isaac bisaac at mcb.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 19 10:19:01 PDT 2010

Dear all, 

Thank you for all the replies to my question. I appreciate the time& effort put into trying to help us solve this problem. 

I tried most of the different suggestions and the two things which seemed to make the most difference were:

- Adding a few tens of uliters of 200 proof EtOH to the bell jar during glow discharge (probably helps charging be more effective), as suggested by Dan Shi.

- Drying the grids in the hood (on the edge, so that there's an even flow of air over the grid, which presumably causes the stain to dry in a more even manner), as suggested by Greg Alushin. 

Thanks again!

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