[3dem] Handy shortcuts to information on the PDBe website

Gerard DVD Kleywegt gerard at xray.bmc.uu.se
Thu Aug 5 08:52:24 PDT 2010

As part of the recent Midsummer Make-over of the Protein Data Bank in Europe 
(PDBe) website, we acquired the domain name pdbe.org and have used it to 
implement a number of shortcuts to many of our services etc.

- http://pdbe.org/ - the new PDBe website

- http://pdbe.org/1cbs - go directly to the PDBe atlas pages for PDB entry 
"1cbs" (replace by the PDB code of your favourite entry)

- http://pdbe.org/download/1cbs - download the PDB file for entry "1cbs"

- http://pdbe.org/random - go to the summary page for a random PDB entry

- http://pdbe.org/wizard - the PDBe Wizard that helps you find information on 
the website

- http://pdbe.org/help - help pages

- http://pdbe.org/deposit http://pdbe.org/nmrdeposit http://pdbe.org/emdeposit 
- deposit structures and data in the PDB and/or EMDB

- http://pdbe.org/search - search the PDBe database

- http://pdbe.org/fold - use the PDBeFold service (which runs SSM) to find 
structures with similar folds or do (multiple) structure superposition

- http://pdbe.org/pisa - use the PDBePISA service (assemblies, interfaces, 
quaternary structure)

- http://pdbe.org/motif - use the PDBeMotif service (analysis of ligands and 
their binding properties, sequence motifs, structure motifs, etc._

- http://pdbe.org/browse - use the PDBeXplore structure browser or one of its 
   - http://pdbe.org/ec - enzyme classification browser
   - http://pdbe.org/cath - CATH classification browser
   - http://pdbe.org/pfam - Pfam classification browser
   - http://pdbe.org/fasta - compare your protein sequence to all proteins in 
the PDB and analyse the results with the browser

- http://pdbe.org/chem - search the ligands in the PDB

- http://pdbe.org/analysis - use one of the PDBe data analysis servers

- http://pdbe.org/pdbprints - read about PDBprints (graphical representation of 
key information about PDB entries)

- http://pdbe.org/emdb - go to the EMDB page at PDBe

- http://pdbe.org/nmr - go to the NMR pages at PDBe

- http://pdbe.org/sifts - go to the SIFTS page

- http://pdbe.org/capri - go to the CAPRI site

- http://pdbe.org/eurocarb - go to the EUROCarbDB site

- http://pdbe.org/resources - more information about some PDBe resources

- http://pdbe.org/teaching - more information about PDBe tutorials

- http://pdbe.org/training - more information about PDBe roadshows

- http://pdbe.org/about - more information about PDBe

- http://pdbe.org/contact - contact information

As always, we welcome comments and suggestions on new features (preferably 
using the big, fat "FEEDBACK" button on the PDBe web pages).


Gerard J. Kleywegt, PDBe, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, UK
gerard at ebi.ac.uk ..................... pdbe.org
Secretary: Pauline Haslam  pdbe_admin at ebi.ac.uk

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