[3dem] Fee for Service Cryo-EM

Lindsay Heller lheller at cdrd.ca
Fri Oct 9 14:01:37 PDT 2009

Hi Chris, Lee Pullan from FEI directed me to your posting on the 3DEM
listserv.  I work for CDRD, Centre for Drug Research and Development, in
Vancouver Canada.  We are a non-profit organization who offers
specialized personnel and equipment to the local Academic community in
hopes of pushing their research to clinic much earlier than if they had
no assistance.   We also offer some fee-for-service programs to both
academic and industry clients.  We have several divisions including
Medicinal Chemistry, Target Validation, Screening and Formulations.  I
am the scientist who is trained and currently works almost full time on
CryoTEM projects.  I have just completed a large 8-sample liposomal
formulation project for Dr. Pieter Cullis and do have some free time now
for another small project.  If you are still interested in having some
CryoTEM work done on your formulations, please contact me and I can give
you some more detailed information as well as a few sample images so you
can get an idea of what you would receive.


Best Regards,



Lindsay L Heller

Senior Technician Genomics-IMAGING

CDRD - Centre for Drug Research and Development

Suite 353 - 2259 Lower Mall 

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Tel:  (604) 221-7750 ext 130

Fax:  (604) 221-7753

lweaver at cdrd.ca <mailto:lweaver at cdrd.ca> 


http://www.cdrd.ca <http://www.cdrd.ca/> 


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