[3dem] Selling JEOL 2010 Feg cryo electron microscope

schoehn at embl.fr schoehn at embl.fr
Fri Jul 10 09:29:23 PDT 2009

Dear Electron Microscopists

The Institute of Structural Biology (Grenoble France) is selling its
cryo-electron microscope. The microscope is a JEOL 2010 Feg electron
microscope was bought in 2000. It is equipped for cryo-electron microscopy
: two oxford cryo-holders type 3500; low dose system; GATAN TV camera
622SC with a video Image processor (model 750) and a 1K x 1K multi scan
CCD camera, HRP pole piece (+/- 30 degres tilt). The microscope and all
equipments are in a very good shape and were maintained since 2000 by JEOL
and GATAN.

If you are interested please contact Guy Schoehn : guy.schoehn at ibs.fr

Sincerely yours

Guy Schoehn

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