[3dem] Issue with our Zeiss Photoscan Scanner

William Rice rice at nysbc.org
Tue Jul 7 10:40:39 PDT 2009


I was hoping someone on this list might have the same issue we are 
having with our Zeiss scanner. Very often, when it starts up, the scan 
head gets stuck in the extended position. It seems we have to leave it 
on for a variable amount of time, sometimes hours, with occasional 
on/off cycles, in order for the scan head to get unstuck and move back 
to the origin position. Once it has gone through the warmup cycle, it 
works without problem.  The scanner is used infrequently, and it is 
located in the coldest room in the building. I am wondering whether some 
grease on it gets too viscous when it is left off in a relatively cold 
room. Any tips would be very helpful.


William J. Rice, Ph.D.
Manager for cryo-EM Computing
New York Structural Biology Center
89 Convent Avenue, NY, NY 10027

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