[3dem] Registration and 3-D Reconstruction

Arthur Goshtasby arthur.goshtasby at wright.edu
Tue Jul 7 02:53:02 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I am a new member and my interest is in image registration and 3-D reconstruction. My background is actually computer vision but have recently become interested in microscopic image analysis. I have found such image fascinating. I am wondering if anyone else is interested in or currently working on the problem. I have some methodologies worked out for registration and 3-D reconstruction and would like to try them on different data sets. If you are working with microscopic image sets and don't mind sharing a set or two with me, I promise to share the obtained results and the methodology that is employed to obtain them with you? I can be reached via phone (937-775-5170) or e-mail  (arthur.goshtasby at wright.edu). 

Thank you,
Arthur Goshtasby
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