[3dem] 3D on Chimera.

Matthias Wolf wolf at crystal.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 26 13:08:03 PST 2009

Hi Aymen,

I would recommend to install the latest openGL graphics drivers. I have had very good experience 
with nvidia cards and drivers. Red/cyan stereo works on my machines for both map and pdb on linux as 
well as Vista 64bit.

For easy-to-configure hardware stereo one used to need a quadro class card, IR sync box and LCD 
shutter glasses as well as a CRT monitor which can sustain a high refresh rate. Or more elaborate 
stereo displays.

nVidia now sell a bundle product with a stereo-capable LCD display for a low price - see here: 
Their glasses and driver are supposed to work with any of the geForce gaming cards, which can 
frequently perform better than the much more expensive quadro versions.

Start chimera with '--stereo' for hardware stereo.
For O 'setenv STEREO on' with csh, then press 'F1' in O to toggle
coot --stereo

Most programs that use openGL can be tricked into hardware stereo mode by using a "sync-doubler 
box". And you can configure the nvidia driver for anaglyph stereo. Not always straight forward. See 


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ayassin at wadsworth.org wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use Chimera to model pdb files into EM maps. When I select
> the red cyan stereo, the EM map is stereo but the pdb structure is not.
> -Is there anyway to display pdb in stereo in Chimera, how?
> -Is there another program that would allow me to do the same thing: fit
> pdb in EM density map-in stereo(other than "O")?
> -When I use Chimera on windows VISTA the side view panel does not appear
> and a message about graphic card appear, anyway to solve this?
> Thank you all very much.
> Aymen Yassin.
> Postdoc Research Affiliate
> Wadsworth Center, Albany,NY.
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