[3dem] mac pro

Robert Marshall rmarshal at bluebottle.com
Wed Jan 7 09:22:57 PST 2009

Do not hesitate to buy a Mac Pro desktop.  We've had many, many 
Windows machines, both commercial versions (Dell, for instance) and 
custom configurations, but they are all very unreliable as far as 
stability and longevity.  Our Mac Pros run, they are fast, stone 
reliable, and easy to use.  If you need to use software that is 
Windows-only dependent, buy Parallels that lets you run XP on your Mac
seamlessly.  Initial costs are higher, but longevity wins.  We have 
G4 Macs still running after many years with only memory upgrades and 
added hard drives added.

Robert Marshall
Dept. of Neurobiology
Stanford University

At 8:53 AM +0700 1/7/09, Sheemei wrote:
>Dear all,
>	I am thinking of getting a apple Mac pro desktop computer. I 
>was wondering if all programs for single particle reconstruction 
>works on it and also is installation a problem?
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