[3dem] Postdoctoral and Research Assistant positions in cellular electron tomography

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Postdoctoral and Research Assistant positions in cellular electron
One postdoctoral and one research assistant positions (supported by a new
A*STAR BMRC grant) are available in Dr. Wanzhong He¹s Cellular Electron
Tomography Lab at Dept. of Biological Sciences, National University of
Singapore. This research lab is focused on nano-imaging of molecular
architectures and cellular dynamic events in several in vivo engineered
animal model systems with the combination of advanced technologies that have
been established in the lab, e.g.:  high pressure freezing (HPF),
freeze-substitution fixation (FSF), frozen-hydrated thin sectioning, our
newly developed HPF/FSF-based nanogold-enlarging technique (He et al., JSB,
2007, 160(1):103-113),  high resolution immunolabelling, and cellular
electron tomography (He et al., Science 2003, v302,109-113; He et al.,
Nature 2008,v455(7212):542-6). This project will study the molecular
architectures and dynamic events of the remodeling tissues during the
drosophila embryo development by electron tomography. Several genetic
mutants and RNA interference kits are available from our excellent
collaborators in cell biology, gene and development; we will create several
gene-encoded tags to trace the distributions of several key proteins that
control the cell skeletons remodeling.
We are in the processes of established a state-of-the-art Bio-imaging center
in Singapore. The center will be equipped with modern cryoEMs, dual-beam
SEM, multi-photon confocal microscopes, high pressure freezing machine,
cryo-ultramicrotomes, vitrobot and computational systems. We plan to
purchase four cryoEMs. We have ordered two cryo-electron microscopes: a FEI
120kV T12 with 4kx4k CCD will be installed this month; a FEI 300kV Titan
Krios with 4kx4k CCD and energy filter imaging system will be installed in
September. Another two FEG cryoEMs (200kV, 300kV) will be purchased in the
near future. 
Qualifications: solid strong background in: 1) Cell Biology, Genetics and
Developmental Biology, Biochemistry, Structural Biology; 2) Or in Material
sciences, Physics with strong TEM expertise will be also considered.
Experiences in drosophila development, or cryoEM will be a plus. Salary will
be comparable or higher than NIH standard. Interested candidates should send
a detail CV including areas of expertise and interest, publications list,
and names and contact information for three references to Dr. Wanzhong He:
Dr. Wanzhong He (Assistant Professor)
Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore
14 Science Drive 4, Singapore 117543
Tel: +65 6516 7378   Fax: +65 6779 2486
Email: dbshw at nus.edu.sg

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