[3dem] Open Research Associate Position

David Rueda David.Rueda at wayne.edu
Wed Dec 2 16:09:18 PST 2009

Research Associate ("Manager, Electron Microscopy Laboratory")

Position Duties and Responsibilities:

	• Training and authorization of all users
	• Running service (submitted) samples
	• Routine maintenance of all instruments (including sample  
preparation equipment)
	• Assistance with grant proposal writing to acquire new instruments
	• Enforcement of all WSU radiation and other safety requirements
	• Assistance/collaboration with users’ research involving SEM and TEM  
	• Ability to work as an effective team member of the Central  
Instrument Facility
	• Other duties commensurate with a laboratory manager position

Minimum Qualifications:

	• Ph.D. In Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, or related discipline
	• Post-doc and extensive hands-on SEM and TEM experience
	• Specific experience with a JEOL 2010 TEM is mandatory

Reports to:

	• Prof. David M, Coleman, Director, CIF

We have current NSF MRI funding to purchase of new FE SEM and are  
currently making a selection from among the available vendors.  Also  
pending is a $3.7M NIH Core Facilities Renovation proposal for  
completely re-do our Central Instrument Facilities from the bottom  
up.  An overview of the facility can be seen at:

Interested individuals, please send an updated CV to Professor David  
Coleman (dcm at chem.wayne.edu).


David Rueda, D.Sc. -- Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry -- Wayne State University
5101 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202

Tel:  (313) 577-6918
Fax: (313) 577-8822

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