[3dem] Re: transporting cryo grids and samples

Florian Hauer fhauer at gwdg.de
Thu Oct 2 00:32:26 PDT 2008

There´s an interesting cryocontainer sold by the company Cryogena (see  
http://www.cryogena.com/gyrotainer.php) which can be shipped in a box with  
a gyroscope so that the container in the box can´t be tilted. Although  
warranties and specifications are made for single use only, I think it can  
be reused. We have tested the LN2 container for road shipping and it  
retains the grid box submerged under LN2 for 3 days once filled even when  
roughly handled. An IATA-compliant dry shipper with the same  
specifications is available, too.

Good luck with your transport!


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