[3dem] RE:Tecnai script

acheng at scripps.edu acheng at scripps.edu
Thu May 22 09:05:10 PDT 2008

Hi, Eduardo

  If you are interested in doing so with Leginon, I
can make you a simplified Leginon Application.  The hard part for
most people we have supported is the installation and getting through
firewalls of computers (The tecnai computer itself usually is not
powerful enough to support automation).  Your application requires few

  I do have to warn you that if you decide to write Tecnai script yourself
and are acquiring images at high magnification such as 50,000x,
the targets you save and send as goniometer coordinate that moves across
the whole square is unlikely to give you enough accuracy to  image what
you aimed for due to hysteresis of the goniometer.


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