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Ishikawa Takashi ishikawa at mol.biol.ethz.ch
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Dear all,


A few days ago, I posted a question on commercial carbon grids for negative stain and

got a lot of kind replies. Here I summarize them.


(1) Other companies

Martin Lindahl: Ax-lab http://www.ax-lab.dk/ <http://www.ax-lab.dk/> 

Robert Ndoriah: Grid Tech http://www.grid-tech.com

James Conway: EMS http://www.emsdiasum.com/microscopy/products/grids/support.aspx <http://www.emsdiasum.com/microscopy/products/grids/support.aspx> 

Bill Tivol: SPI and Ted Pella

Kasim Sader: ACF Metals


(2) Different treatment

Richard Gursky: overnight soaking in chloroform and ~0.5hrs drying


Thank you again for all of your suggestion!





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