[3dem] cryo-EM lab working humidity

He Wanzhong dbshw at nus.edu.sg
Wed Feb 27 15:48:56 PST 2008

Hi cryo-EM experts,

We are in the processes of design a new cryo-EM lab in Singapore in which the external environment normally has  the humidity is in range of 80%-95%, with regular aircon the humidity normally in range of  60-70%. 

We knew the for frozen-hydrated sectioning room it is better in range of 30-40%, and usually can be reached with powerful dehumidifier in the small room. However, for the large cryo-EM lab with 4 electron microscopes rooms, it would be tough to reach such high-end requirement in Singapore with high external humidity. My quesetions are:

1) What's the average budget for the high-end aircons?
2) what's practical workable humidity range in your cryo-EM lab? I knew some lab in high-end (30%), some just with normal central aircon systems (40-50%).  It is also affected by the external environmental humidity. 

Your feedback will be valuable for us to consider such challenges.

Thanks in advance!

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