[3dem] Jean-Pierre Bretaudiere

Joachim Frank joachim at wadsworth.org
Mon Feb 25 11:31:19 PST 2008

I have sad news.  I just learned that yesterday Jean-Pierre 
Bretaudiere  died of  heart failure.  He was 62 years old, and was 
living on Madagaskar with his wife, a native of the island.  He is 
survived by his son from his first marriage, who lives in Paris.

Jean-Pierre, or JP, is intimately associated with the introduction of 
multivariate statistical analysis into EM.  Originally trained in 
laboratory medicine, and working as a research scientist at the 
Wadsworth Center, he switched careers when he realized the power of 
MSA in cryo-EM of macromolecules.  He was on the faculty of UT 
Medical School in Houston for several years before he decided to 
return to France, where he started a lucrative mail-order  PC 
computer company, which he since sold.

JP, forever in my memory as larger-than-life, speaking Texan with 
French accent, opiniated, swearing his way through the day, but a 
great and loyal guy to have as a friend.  Those who have known him 
will miss him.

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