[3dem] Workshop on Electron Crystallography of Membrane Proteins, Sept. 7-13, 2008, at UC Davis

Henning Stahlberg HStahlberg at ucdavis.edu
Sun Apr 20 08:04:18 PDT 2008


International Workshop on Electron Crystallography of Membrane Proteins,

UC Davis, California, USA, September 7-13, 2008

We have the pleasure of announcing the opening of registration for a  
one-week International Workshop on Electron Crystallography of  
Membrane Proteins to be held at UC Davis, California (Sep 7-13, 2008).

The workshop has two major aims:
1. Training: To provide a unique forum to train skilled biochemists  
and electron microscopists (PhD, Post docs and beyond), in membrane  
protein 2D crystallization, electron crystallographic data collection  
and data processing.
Topics will cover all aspects of electron crystallography, including:
    - Membrane protein solubilisation and crystallization
    - Sample preparation for electron microscopy
    - Cryo-EM data collection (imaging and electron diffraction)
    - Data processing with the MRC, IPLT and 2dx software packages
    - Data evaluation and model building
2. Advancing the technology: To bring together many of the leading  
groups in electron crystallography to forge innovative collaborations  
for new technology development.

Workshop format:
The workshop will feature lectures in the morning, practicals in the  
afternoon, student poster session before dinner, and science talks in  
the evening. Computer practicals will use machines in a local computer  
room. However, students are also invited to bring their own laptop  
computer (Linux or OSX), where we can try to install the image  
processing software packages and run the processing on your own  
computers during the workshop.

The detailed program is available at http://2dx.org/workshop/2008  
(click on the “Program” link top left). This workshop will be focusing  
exclusively on topics related to electron crystallography. Invited  
speakers include Anchi Cheng, Andreas Engel, Andreas Schenk, Ansgar  
Philippsen, Ben Hankamer, Bob Glaeser, Bryant Gipson, Catherine Venien- 
Bryan, Daniel Levy, Dieter Typke, Gyobu Nobuhiko, Hans Hebert, Henning  
Stahlberg, Herve Remigy, Iban Ubarretxena-Belandia, Ken Downing,  
Michael Landsberg, Nigel Browning, Thomas Walz, Werner Kühlbrandt,  
Xiangyan Zeng, and Yifan Cheng.

The workshop is currently limited to 20 participants. The fee for  
academic participants is US$200, which covers registration, breakfast  
and lunch during the workshop. Lodging is not included in the  
registration fee, and can be reserved either with the UC Davis campus  
guest accommodation (http://www.confhsg.ucdavis.edu/UGR.htm, only 16  
units available at $65/night on a first come first serve basis), or  
with a local hotel (http://daviswiki.org/Hotels, we can assist in  
finding a hotel). Registration can be completed at http://2dx.org/workshop/2008/registration 
  before the deadline of 1 June 2008.

Further information:
For further information please contact Henning Stahlberg (HStahlberg at ucdavis.edu 
) Tom Walz (twalz at hms.harvard.edu), or Ben Hankamer (b.hankamer at imb.uq.edu.au 
). For assistance with the local organization, please contact Bryant  
Gipson (BRGipson at ucdavis.edu).

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Molecular & Cellular Biology, Briggs Hall 5,
University of California at Davis, 1 Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616, USA
Tel: +1-530-752 8282 (office), +1-530-754 8285 (lab), Fax: +1-530-752  
mailto:HStahlberg at ucdavis.edu, Skype:henningstahlberg

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