[3DEM] Resin sections in a cryo instrument

Guenter Resch guenter.resch at imba.oeaw.ac.at
Tue May 22 10:13:22 PDT 2007

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Hi David and Collegues,

> I am trying to formulate a policy for a new 200 keV FEG cryo TEM we  
> are installing, with regards to what should and should not be  
> permitted in the column.

an interesting issue, indeed ... unfortunately, I can't provide
any answer, as I'm facing a similar, though not identical problem. 

Our new TEM (a 300 kV FEG Polara) has to be operated at least at LN2
temperature anyway, so temperature not an issue ... it's more the
question what substances are allowed or not. For instance, I've met
people with strong reservations against trehalose or sucrose and others
with an equally strong will to use these chemicals ...

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks,


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