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Bill Tivol tivol at caltech.edu
Tue May 30 18:20:41 PDT 2006

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On May 30, 2006, at 7:01 AM, Benoît ZUBER wrote:

> I want to send vitreous samples in a “dry dewar”, i.e. a dewar in which
> liquid nitrogen is absorbed in a porous material. Since the samples 
> are in
> gas phase, I am concerned that they always stay below the 
> devitrification
> temperature. Has anyone transported vitreous material in such a dewar? 
> Did
> the samples stay vitreous?
Dear Benoit,
	I have shipped frozen-hydrated specimens in such a dewar, and the ice 
did remain vitreous; however, I do not know the maximum temperature 
reached in the dewar, so I cannot say whether your gaseous specimens 
will remain frozen or vitreous.
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