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Joachim Frank joachim at wadsworth.org
Mon May 29 13:49:34 PDT 2006

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>>A SPIDER Workshop is planned for May 8-13, 2007.  It will provide
>>practical training  in the use of the SPIDER system for
>>single-particle reconstruction, inluding the writing of batch files,
>>and tailoring existing batch files to your applications.  The
>>Reconstruction Engine (SPIRE), a convenient graphics user interface
>>for starting and monitoring a job, will be introduced.  Morning
>>lectures will provide introductions  into concepts of image
>>formation, single-particle reconstruction, and interpretation of 
>>cryo-EM maps.
>>The number of participants will be restricted to 50.  Selection will
>>be on the basis of short project descriptions.
>>The Workshop will take place at the Conference Center in
>>Rensselaerville, about 20 miles south of Albany, in a beautiful park setting.
>>Cost of the Workshop will be in the range of $1200.- and will include
>>room and board for two half days (Tuesday and Sunday) and four full
>>days (Wednesday through Saturday.)
>>Instructors will include Francisco Asturias, Bill Baxter, Nicolas
>>Boisset, Haixiao Gao, Ardean Leith, Pawel Penczek, Bimal Rath, and 
>>Tapu Shaikh.

A Website will be shortly set up.

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