[3DEM] 4th International Congress on Electron Tomography

Gina Sosinsky gina at ncmir.ucsd.edu
Thu Apr 6 11:36:09 PDT 2006

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***  On-line Registration and Abstract submission are now open for the 
4th International Congress on Electron Tomography (4ICET) to be held 
Nov. 5-8, 2006 at Paradise Point Resort, San Diego, Ca.  ***

Deadline for early registration			September 1
Deadline for late registration			 October 15
Deadline for abstract submission 	    June 15, 2006

Note: Rooms at Paradise Point are on a first come / first served basis.

Please forward this email to others.


This congress brings together biologists, biophysicists, computer
scientists, mathematicians, materials scientists and electron
optical instrumentation specialists for an interdisciplinary exchange of
ideas focusing on advancing methods of electron
tomography (ET) in biology. ET has moved from a specialized experimental
technique practiced by a few laboratories to one delivering critical
information to a broad community of cell biologists, structural
biologists, and neuroscientists. For students, this conference presents
a unique opportunity to learn about cutting-edge advances in ET
applications and methodologies.

Sessions will include:

• Imaging of dynamic structures and correlative microscopy
Co-Chairs: O. Medalia (Ben-Gurion Univ.); Jack Johnson (The Scripps
Research Institute)

• Advances in instrumentation
Co-chairs: M. Ellisman (UCSD); Bram Koster (Leiden University Medical 
Center, Netherlands)

• 3D reconstruction algorithms
Co-chairs: N. Volkmann (Burnham Institute); Michael Rademacher (Univ. of 

• Visualization & quantitative analysis
Co-chairs: R. Whitaker (Univ. of Utah); D. Mastronarde (Univ. of Colorado)

• Moving tomography to the mainstream: data sharing, data integration, &
model building
Co-chairs: M. Martone (UCSD); J-M. Carazo (Univ. of Madrid)

• Emerging technologies for the multiscale: cell to tissue and molecule
to cell
Co-chairs: D. Hanein (Burnham Institute); C. Larabell (UCSF)

Sessions will include both invited speakers and talks selected from
submitted abstracts.

For further information please check out our web site:
http://www.4icet.org or contact Mark H. Ellisman, Lead Congress
Organizer (mark at ncmir.ucsd.edu) or Grace Osborne, Congress Coordinator
(gosborne at ncmir,ucsd.edu)
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