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Kenneth Downing khdowning at lbl.gov
Tue Apr 4 07:35:40 PDT 2006

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We have two immediate openings in the biological EM group at Lawrence 
Berkeley National Laboratory:

1.  EM Facility manager:  We are looking for someone with a broad 
background in microscopy to oversee operations of our facilities.  This 
person would be responsible for scheduling users and maintenance on the 
microscopes, training new users, ensuring that all of the ancillary 
equipment is running well.  He/she would also participate in various 
aspects of research, including development of new specimen preparation 
methods, and collecting and processing data.  Extensive experience in 
several of the following areas is desirable:  Conventional use of a wide 
variety of TEMs; cryo-microscopy sample preparation and examination; 
low-dose protocols; electron tomography; equipment maintenance 
(microscopes, vacuum systems, etc.); microscope control software; 
training and supervision of users; data processing for tomography, 
single-particle work, and/or electron crystallography.

Principal investigators in this group include Eva Nogales, Manfred Auer, 
Robert Glaser and Kenneth Downing.

We use an eclectic array of electron microscopes, including a JEOL 
3000SFF, JEOL3100FEF, JEOL4000, Philips CM200F, FEI Technai  20F, 
Technai 12, Zeiss 10 and JEOL100C.  All are equipped with CCD cameras, 
most set up for cryo work.

A formal description of the position and application can be found at
-- search for ID# 018824, or contact me for more information.

2.  Postdoctoral position:  I am seeking a postoc to participate in work 
funded by the Department of Energy’s GTL program to study subcellular 
structures in bacteria.  We are using electron tomography to map out the 
presence and location of major macromolecular complexes.  Most of the 
work is in the context of studying the response of Desulfovibrio 
vulgaris to various stresses.  The overall goal of the project is to 
develop high-throughput methods for analysis of bacterial proteomes, 
focusing on composition, structure and localization of molecular 
machines.  Work by others within this effort involves tagging selected 
proteins for visualization and purification, isolation of intact protein 
complexes, and medium-resolution structure determination by cryo-EM. 
Goals of the tomography work include describing the cell’s cytoskeleton 
in detail and the mechanical processes involved in cell division and 
stress response.

A formal description of the position and application can be found at
  -- search for ID# 018824, or contact me for more information.

In addition, we will soon have a position open for work on the 
decelerator/CCD camera that is being developed for intermediate voltage 
microscopes.  An ideal candidate would have experience or interests in 
areas such as electrical or mechanical engineering, detector 
development, high voltage systems, vacuum systems, quantitative image 
analysis – as well as some background in electron microscopy.
For more information, please contact me directly.


Kenneth H. Downing
Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720         tel 510-486-5941; fax 510-486-6488

UC Berkeley Graduate Group in Comparative Biochemistry
Senior Associate Editor, Microscopy Research and Technique
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