A Practical Course in Molecular Microscopy, November 2-10, 2005

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Just a reminder that the deadline for applications is July 1, 2005.

The National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy
Sponsored by the National Center for Research Resources


A Practical Course in Molecular Microscopy
November 2-10, 2005
Center for Integrative Molecular Biosciences (CIMBio)
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), La Jolla, California

We invite applications to participate in a Practical Course in Molecular 
Microscopy. This biennial course is part of the outreach and training 
activities of the NCRR National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy 
(NRAMM), at the Center for Integrative Molecular Biosciences (CIMBio) at 
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). The course is aimed at approximately 
40 participants who want a thorough grounding in all aspects of molecular 
structural determination by cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM).

The course will include an extensive exposure to all of the practical 
aspects of cryoEM as well as a solid grounding in the theory. The basic 
format will be theoretical lectures in the morning followed by hands-on lab 
sessions and demonstrations in the afternoon. The lab sessions will include 
instruction in specimen preparation, use of the electron microscope for 
imaging of cryo specimens, evaluation of the images, and a thorough 
treatment of the image analysis techniques required to reconstruct three 
dimensional maps. In addition there will be a number of afternoon lectures 
introducing participants to research topics in the area of macromolecular 
structure. Evenings will be reserved for presentations by participants and 
for helping participants with their own projects.

Instructors who will particpate in the course include: Francisco Asturias 
(TSRI), Tim Baker (Purdue), Charlie Brooks (TSRI), Nicolas Boisset (Paris), 
Anchi Cheng (TSRI), Wah Chiu (Baylor), David de Rosier (Brandeis), Joachim 
Frank (Albany), Yoshi Fujiyoshi (Kyoto), Bob Glaeser (Berkeley), Niko 
Grigorieff (Brandeis), Dorit Hanein (Burnham), Elizabeth Kubalek (TSRI), 
Stephen Ludtke (Baylor), Ron Milligan (TSRI), Pawel Penczek (Houston), 
Clint Potter (TSRI), Tanvir Shaikh (Albany), Vinzenz Unger (Yale), Neils 
Volkmann (Burnham), Thomas Walz (Harvard) and Mark Yeager (TSRI).

Applications forms may be found online at the workshop web page: 
Applicants are asked to provide a CV, publication list, and a short 
description of their current work and future plans. In addition 
participants will be asked to state a preference for the particular area of 
image analysis (single particles, viruses, helices, 2D crystals) on which 
they wish to focus. This will help balance the participation in the lab 

A registration fee of $500 will be charged to participants from non-profit 
institutions. Meals will be provided as part of the course registration fee 
but participants will be expected to cover their own travel and lodging 
expenses. Cost of housing is approximately $60/night for a shared room. The 
course organizers will help coordinate room sharing arrangements.

The application deadline is 1 July and a final selection of participants 
will be made by 1 August.

Please see all other information pertaining to the course at the web site:

For other inquiries send email to: amiadmin at scripps.edu

Bridget Carragher, Clinton S. Potter and Ronald A Milligan
National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy, The Scripps Research 

Please feel free to post this announcement or pass it along to any and all 
interested parties.

Bridget Carragher, Associate Professor
Automated Molecular Imaging Group, Department of Cell Biology
The Scripps Research Institute, MC CB129,10550 North Torrey Pines Road, La 
Jolla, CA 92037
tel: (858) 784-9070; fax: (858) 784-9090; bcarr at scripps.edu; 
National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy: http://nramm.scripps.edu
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