[3DEM] Protein Tomography (TM)

michael michael at imagescience.de
Tue Dec 13 01:47:18 PST 2005

Hi Jim!

Thank you for the detailed explication. After reading your definition of 
"TM" it is not really clear to me why using a TM instead of immediately 
going for an (R) or why using "TM" at all.

I am still not convinced that "Protein Tomography TM) is "not so 
worrisome". What happens if Joachim uses a SPIDER script (or IMAGIC a 
command) called "PROTEIN-TOMOGRAPHY". Wouldn't he run into trouble?

Of course, I am not a specialist in US law. The related "(Handels)Marke" 
in Germany is more rigid: I am sure there is no way to get a 
"Handelmarke" named "Protein Tomography".

Michael Schatz
Image Science

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