Experience with Ditabis imaging plates?

Craig, Roger Roger.Craig at umassmed.edu
Fri Apr 29 08:07:24 PDT 2005

Dear 3DEMers,
	I am wondering how many of you are using film for image
recording these days, and whether you have had the same problems we have
had recently with quality, availability and increased price of Kodak EM
	We are considering purchasing an imaging plate system made by
Ditabis.  This sounds like a good solution to film problems, without
going all the way to CCD cameras for all our microscopes.  Does anyone
out there have experience with imaging plates?  If so, what brand?  Can
anyone recommend (or not recommend) the Ditabis Imaging Plate system?
It sounds great on paper.  We are wondering how well it works in
practice (reliability, quality, ease of use etc), and how
inexpensive/expensive it is, once the capital costs are paid.
	Any advice much appreciated.
	Roger Craig

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