[3DEM] Carbon evaporator - more advice wanted

Lynne.Waddington at csiro.au Lynne.Waddington at csiro.au
Thu Apr 14 16:42:54 PDT 2005

Dear all

It must be the season for old carbon evaporators to give up...
I am also considering one of the following:

1) Emitech K950
2) Edwards A306
3) Polaron E6700
4) Polaron E6500

I would especially appreciate comments about the Polaron equipment and
how the quality of carbon film from (3) and (4) compares. (I have been
using a very old Edwards system)

Many thanks!

Lynne Waddington

Electron Microscopist
CSIRO Health Sciences & Nutrition
343 Royal Parade
Parkville, Vic 3052
Ph. 03 9662 7205

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  Dear colleagues:

      We need to replace our old carbon evaporator and are deliberating
on two 
       1) Cressington 208C, turbo pump equipped - specs say it goes to

       2) EMITECH K950X - specs say it goes to ~10-5 millibar

We will appreciate your comments on the abovementioned products if you
used them or know of products that you consider more reliable, better
and approximately in similar price range.

     Thanks in advance

      Alok K. Mitra
      Schl. of Biol. Sciences
      Univ. of Auckland
      Private Bag 92019

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