Thermo Electron Delivers Total FT-IR Microscopy Capability

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Molecular Spectroscopy
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Thermo Electron Delivers Total FT-IR Microscopy Capability

MADISON, Wis. (April 13, 2004) – Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE:TMO)
introduces the new Nicolet™ Continuum XL, a research-grade FT-IR microscope
that provides high performance infrared sampling, excellent visible-light
microscopy and exceptional FT-IR imaging.

The innovative design of the Nicolet Continuum XL adds imaging capability to
the renowned Nicolet Continuum IR microscope, which incorporates advanced
microscopy features, including simultaneous view and collect, dual remote
sample masking, Reflachromat compensating objectives and visible contrast
and illumination techniques. 

The Nicolet Continuum XL features an exclusive optical design that enables
users to perform single-point collection and imaging on the same system
without compromising the performance of either mode of operation. In
single-point mode, dual remote sample masking provides optimum spatial
resolution, enabling pure spectra to be obtained from the smallest of
samples. In imaging mode, high fidelity optics allow rapid collection of
sharp images. 

The Nicolet Continuum XL is supported by new versions of OMNIC™ and Atlµs
software, which provide excellent visualization and image processing
capabilities. Users are able to link spectra, video images and chemical
images into a single organized window. The software supports the collection
of single points, line and area maps when using a single element detector
and images when using an array.

For more information on the Nicolet Continuum XL, please call +1
800-532-4752 or e-mail analyze at

About Molecular Spectroscopy
Ideal for investigative analysis or quality control applications,
spectroscopy systems from Thermo Electron are used to determine the
molecular composition of a wide range of complex samples including liquids,
solids, and gases. Supported by an expansive range of applications,
techniques such as infrared, Raman, UV/Vis, and fluorescence provide a
molecular fingerprint for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. For
more information, visit   

About Thermo Electron
A world leader in high-tech instruments, Thermo Electron Corporation helps
life science, laboratory, and industrial customers advance scientific
knowledge, enable drug discovery, improve manufacturing processes, and
protect people and the environment with instruments, scientific equipment,
services, and integrated software solutions. Based in Waltham,
Massachusetts, Thermo Electron has revenues of more than $2 billion, and
employs approximately 10,000 people in 30 countries worldwide. For more
information, visit

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