[3DEM] EM-software run on OSX/unix

D. Prabha Dias, PhD prabha at caltech.edu
Fri Jun 18 12:07:47 PDT 2004

At 12:39 -0400 6/18/04, Thomas C. Marlovits wrote:
>I am wondering whether anybody tried to successfully compile any of the
>EM-software (MRC-package, Spider, Imagic, Eman, Frealign, ...) on a Mac
>in an OSX/unix environment.

Dear Thomas,

We are currently using the Boulder, CO group's IMOD package very 
successfully on Macintosh G5's running  OS10.3 (Panther), as well as 
Bernard Heymann's Bsoft package.  I have run David Agard & John 
Sedat's PRIISM package on OS 10.2.8, but have yet to try it on the 
latest version.  The software developers themselves are your best 
resource.  The only problems I ever had with running Unix-based 
software on Mac OS X had to do with graphical interface libraries, 
and that was with older versions of the OS.  I'm not a programmer, so 
I apologize for not being more specific than that.  Good luck!


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